Film Technology
  • Tunable Barrier - Process and materials expertise enables Sealed Air to use a combinatorial approach that produces a variety of product offerings with differentiated features such as tunable barrier properties.
  • Micro-Layering - Patented micro-layering extrusion capabilities allow for physical property improvements while incorporating sustainable practices such as down gauging.
  • Active Packaging - Provides an active function beyond passive containment of the product
  • Microbial Control - Sealed Air uses their expertise in packaging materials and system hygiene approaches to control microbial contamination issues across multiple markets.
 Consumer Features
  • Pouch Packaging - Sealed Air’s Pouch Packaging is targeted at rigid replacement. The products are used to dispense homogenous liquids. Whether a smaller volume, refill package or a package containing up to five gallons, our Pouch Packaging solutions can provide a more economical and sustainable package.
  • Easy Open Recloseable - Easy open recloseable packages that consistently work time after time
  • Dispensing & Dosing - Sealed Air can create unique Dispensing & Dosing designs to meet consumer packaging needs.
 Foam Technology
  • Foam on Demand - Small spherical plastic particles encapsulating a gas that when heated undergo significant expansion with the gas still inside the spheres
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