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Sealed Air is the new global leader in food security and product protection.
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    Oct 29
    Today, we're proud to announce our pledge to design and advance our innovative packaging solutions to be 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025.  
  2. Nov 9
  3. Nov 8
    As consumer preferences shift and the global food supply chain grows in complexity, investing in innovation is the only path to a waste-free future.
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    Nov 6
    Excited to attend the FFA career day at today! – at Sealed Air
  5. Nov 6
    Join us Saturday, Dec. 15 as we help restore self, family and hope for our service members and their families. Register today:
  6. Nov 2
    Have you ingrained sustainability into the value you offer your customers?
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    Nov 1
    Looking to improve your fulfillment operations? Check out our free on-demand webinar all about uncovering the hidden waste in your operations.
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  9. Oct 31
    At Sealed Air, we strive to leave our world, environment and communities better than we found them. Learn more about our commitment:
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    Oct 31
  11. Oct 29
    We believe that working side-by-side, businesses and governments can tackle plastic pollution at the source, which is why we’ve signed the Global Commitment.
  12. Oct 26
    Big-picture thinking is essential to the of —from economic, environmental and societal perspectives.
  13. Oct 25
    We're at this week talking about our journey to a waste-free future with the minds that will help get us there. We must invest in our future leaders for a better tomorrow.
  14. Oct 24
    As business leaders, if we do not embrace innovative technologies to evolve our business models and meet the ever-changing needs of consumers, we must ask ourselves: are we creating our own extinction?
  15. Oct 23
    and continue to contribute to the 821 million undernourished people across the globe. From farmer to consumer, we all have a part to play in protecting our food supply and achieving worldwide.
  16. Oct 18
    Like the unboxing experience, a seamless return process is part of the retailer’s last moment of truth. Is your customer experience up to par?
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    Oct 16
    Earlier this month, I had the chance to speak with about food loss and and how it relates to in honor of .
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    Oct 16
    True or False: Paper packaging is always going to have a smaller carbon footprint than plastic or resin based packaging.
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    Oct 16
    Did you know that EcoPure foam is derived from renewable plant-based resin making it a sustainable packaging choice for applications where damage reduction and presentation matter? Come see it for yourself.
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    Oct 12
    It’s almost ! Hear from , President of Food Care , on the root causes of and how we can take immediate and innovative actions to achieve worldwide.

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